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Camp Kallaroo FAQ

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Camp Kallaroo.


Q. How much is it to stay at Camp Kallaroo?

A. It costs $10 per person per night to camp in the grounds. The bunkhouse costs $15 per person per night.


Q. How many people can sleep in the bunkhouse?

A. Camp Kallaroo sleeps 44 persons (using 18 double bunk beds and 7 roll out Trundle beds). Additional sleeping capacity is available using the Main Hall (Den) floor and or in the camp ground which is licensed for 60 persons.

In compliance with WH&S legislation, Scouts Queensland policy is that all children nine years and under can not use, sleep or gain access to the top bunks. This determines that Joey scouts (age 6 & 7yrs) and Cub scouts (age 8 & 9yrs) are not allowed to use the top bunks. To be clear, the top bunk can only be used with care by a scout or persons aged 10yrs or older and playing on the top bunks by any person regardless of age is prohibited.

It is the users obligation to ensure the safe use of bunk beds whilst visiting Camp Kallaroo and although the bunk beds are compliant in all respects of the WH&S legislation in respect of the design and function, the hirer, Burleigh Heads Scout Group and the Scout Association of Australia (Qld Branch) disclaims any liability of what so ever nature in respect of the use of the bunk beds by any persons.

Depending on the age of the people attending your camp, if none of the top bunk beds are used - this could reduce the capacity of the Camp Kallaroo bunk house by 18 people eg: a capacity of 26 persons using only single level beds (19) and floor level roll out trundles (7). However, we have plenty of room in our den (Main hall) to sleep children on their own airbeds, stretchers or sleeping mats or using the mattresses relocated from the top bunks (18) in Camp Kallaroo. Another benefit with using the main hall (Den) is that it has a greater capacity for shared sleeping using the Den Floor which is approximately 15m x 15m and has separate toilet and kitchenette facilities to Camp Kallaroo.

Booking Deposit

Q. When do we have to pay the deposit to secure our booking option?

A. Immediately you receive an email confirmation that the booking request has been entered into the camp availability calendar as pending payment of the deposit.

Q. What happens if we have not paid our deposit – How long will you hold the booking for?

A. Until such time as the deposit is received we may take another booking but we generally, provided that you’re booking is recent and has been confirmed either verbally or by email – we will give you a call first to advise you that we have received another booking and therefore you will be required to pay the booking deposit immediately at that time.

Q. Can we wait to pay the booking deposit?

A. No. if the booking deposit isn’t received and we have had no communication with you we may remove the booking from the calendar without notice. As a matter of courtesy – the booking will be shown as Pending in the availability calendar until the deposit and Booking Confirmation Forms are received or the booking is removed.

Q. How much is the deposit to secure the booking?

A. The non refundable deposit is 10% of the total booking fee.

Q. Is the booking deposit refundable?

A. No. The deposit is not refundable regardless of the circumstances because once the deposit is paid we will turn away any other booking request received that clashes with your booking as you have secured that tome of use. However, the booking deposit is a down payment towards the camp fees and is deducted from the total cost of the camp ie: a credit is applied of an equal amount when calculating the balance of fees payable when you stay at Camp Kallaroo.

Booking Options And Usage

Q. What is the difference between a Camping booking, Bunkhouse booking and an Exclusive booking?

A. With an Exclusive booking – you don’t have to share the facility with others. The minimum fee payable for an exclusive booking is $250 which is the same as a minimum of 25 visitors. Additional campers will be charged at the normal per person rate.

Q. If we have booked the bunkhouse and another group wants to use the facility do we have to share?

A. Yes. But you only share the access to the toilets and provide reasonable access to the showers at a set time each morning and night. However, this only applies if these are campers wanting to use the facility. If another group wants to join you and share the use of the bunkhouse this group will be provided your contact details and it is up to you if you want to share – you don’t have to. Sometimes we have has 2 or 3 different scouting families sharing the facility whom arranged this together – as far as we are concerned this is one mutual booking – so if another group wants to tag onto your booking and that is ok with you then it is ok with us but if you don’t want to that is you decision – you have the right to refuse sharing the bunkhouse with other but you must be prepared to give access to campers for the showers and toilets unless you upgrade to an “exclusive booking”.

Q. We have noticed a Pending booking in the calendar for the dates that we want and it has been pending for a while – Can we take this booking as we are prepared to confirm and pay the deposit immediately?

A. Maybe. – If the group that has the booking has not yet paid the deposit and it is recent then we will try to contact them in the next 24 hours as a matter of courtesy and confirm their booking. If we are unable to contact them or have not heard from them for some time then we will take your booking and the first group to pay the deposit will be given the right of use. So – for all bookings – unless the deposit is paid the booking may be available to others – the only way to secure your booking is to pay the deposit ASAP.

Q. Can we make a booking if we have low numbers of people camping or staying each day for the camp?

A. Yes as minimum booking fees will apply for low numbers. For example even if there was only one person staying that is fine with us but you would still have to pay the minimum booking applicable for your type of use each day or night. Ie: Camping = $100, Bunkhouse = $150 and exclusive use = $250

Q. The arrival time (Check in) is after 12 Noon and the departure time is 10AM – Can we arrive early or leave later than these times ie: Depart at 3PM?

A. Yes – provided that we don’t have a conflicting booking already confirmed either leading or following yours. For Example: Let’s say you wanted to arrive at 10AM and leave at 3PM the following day – this is OK as long as we are advised and we don’t need to give access to another group – However this would be a 2 day/ 1 night booking which means that your minimum booking fee would be calculated on the 2 days and not the one night.

Q. Can we hire the main hall as well as the bunkhouse or camping booking?

A. Yes – the hall is available, at $100 per day, for separate hire or negotialbe depending on the size of your booking.


Q. What is included when we hire the bunkhouse?

A. We provide exclusive use of the Upstairs Bunkrooms, Laundry (Washing machine), Kitchen (Including the dishwasher) and the dining area, crockery and cutlery for 44 persons, General Cooking equipment, Tables and chairs. The bunkrooms each contain 3 double bunks and a roll out Trundle with vinyl mattresses (Max capacity = 7 per room). No Bed linen is provided but sleeping bags are available for hire at an additional fee.

Unless you upgrade to an “Exclusive Use” booking - you have shared use of the BBQ area, Campfire area, Male and Female Showers, Male and Female toilets and clothesline. You also share the use of the outdoor parade / games area. We also provide soap dispensers in the toilets and all cleaning products and equipment for use during your stay.

Q. What is included with a Camping booking?

A. You have exclusive use of the grounds to the northern side of the bunkhouse (Closest half of the grounds to Stephens Street) and shared use of the remaining half of the grounds (The parade and games area in front of the two buildings). Because of noise complaints from neighbors please refer to the below site map for preferred tent placement. You have shared use of the BBQ area, Campfire area and Clothesline. Access to the Male and Female Showers is by agreement with any group using the bunkhouse for a reasonable time each morning and night ie: 1 hour time slots at say somewhere between 7AM and 9AM in the morning and 4PM and 6PM of the evening or as otherwise mutually agreed. You have access to the toilets in the bunkhouse as required by request ie: knock before entering the bunkhouse and ask permission to enter the toilet area. Note: If no one is using the bunkhouse you will have unrestricted access to the showers and toilets.

Site Map

Q. What is included with an Exclusive booking?

A. Exclusive use of all the entitlements of both the bunkhouse and the campground bookings but the use of the grounds in front of both buildings is never exclusive as sometimes we may have hired the hall to another group for part of the day and they might have an outdoor activity on their program.

Additional Costs

Q. What other additional cost might we incur during our stay?

A. Other than the hire of equipment such as Audio Visual equipment, watercraft, camping equipment etc. The only additional costs that are regularly incurred are the purchase of Camp Kallaroo camp blanket badges at $3 each and firewood for the campfire at $10 per milk crate. Most group use 1 – 2 wood crates per night during their stay. Again depending on the size of your booking and the overall booking revenue – we may include some or all of these items in the booking fee being paid.


Q. Do you have onsite parking and for how many vehicles?

A. Along with the bunkhouse booking we have 4 onsite car parks within the security of the complex. In addition, provided that the hall is not being hired during your use we have a further 4 designated car parks. In addition to this a number of vehicles can be parked in the GCCC public car park at the southern end of the facility, accessed via West Burleigh Road, outside of the security area. The public “Off Street” car park can accommodate a further 24 vehicles depending on availability. After hours and on weekends this car park is usually empty. Note - all vehicles are to be kept to the drive through one way roadway within the complex linking Stephens street to Lower West Burleigh Road via the GCCC public car park.

General Questrions And Special Requests

Q. Are Caravans, Camper trailers, Mobile homes etc, permitted on-site?

A. Yes – subject to approval for the set up location and facilities requested with the booking – the site can accommodate campervans and caravans etc within the designated parking bays or on the roadway through the site.

Power and water can be supplied to the vans but grey water needs to be directed into drains. On board toilets can only be used if they are self contained chemical toilets.

Q. Do you hire you facilities to the general public?

No. Our facility is only for hire by Scouting Groups

If you have a question that is not answered here then please send an email and we will respond with an answer ASAP.


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