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Camp Kallaroo Campsite Rules


Hirers of the facility agree to indemnify the Burleigh Heads Scout Group of any Liability of any nature in respect of their use of the facility and acknowledge that the use of the facility is entirely at the risk of the individual and the organisation or group using the facility.

Bunk Beds

In compliance with WH&S legislation, Scouts Queensland policy is that all children under nine years old cannot use, sleep or gain access to the top bunks. This determines that all Joey and Cub scouts are not allowed to use the top bunks. To be clear, the top bunk can only be used with care by a scout or persons aged nine years or older and playing on the top bunks by any person regardless of age is prohibited.

It is the users obligation to ensure the safe use of bunk beds whilst visiting Camp Kallaroo and although the bunk beds are compliant in all respects of the WH&S legislation in respect of the design and function, the hirer, Burleigh Heads Scout Group and the Scout Association of Australia (Qld Branch) disclaims any liability of what so ever nature in respect of the use of the bunk beds by any persons.

Note, this condition may affect the number of beds available for your booking - see How Many Can Sleep In The Bunkhouse?


All activities at the facility are to be supervised by Adults over the age of 18 years and where there are children involved in the activities at least two adults (preferably male and female) must be present at the event and be current “Blue Card” holders or parents of the individuals. Non-members of Scout groups participating in Scout Group activities must have completed applicable Indemnity release forms – FORM F6.


The consumption of Alcohol is not permitted on the facility grounds without prior approval from Scouts Australia (Qld Branch). The appropriate form is available for downloading from the Members area of the Scouts Qld website – Form F20. The consumption of Alcohol is expressly forbidden in the presence of youth.


Persons using the facility are responsible for their own security and security of items and are advised not to keep valuables onsite when not in attendance and to lock all doors and access gates and set the security system code when away from the facility. Hirers of the facility are responsible for any theft that occurs during their use of the facility. Hirers of the facility are responsible for any loss incurred by the Burleigh Heads Scout Group as a result of the hirers negligence in keeping the facility locked and secure at all times.


Hirers of the facility are responsible for any damage that occurs during their use of the facility or to equipment belonging to or supplied by Burleigh Heads Scout Group. The Hirers liability is limited to either replacement or repair of any item damaged or lost during or as a result of their use or hire of the equipment of the facility. In the case of accidental damage that is covered by property Insurance held with Scouts Australia (Qld Branch), Hirers are responsible for the payment of any deductible or cost in respect of any claim.


Respect our neighbours. Noise is to be kept to a reasonable limit at all times. Noise levels are to be not impeding on the quiet enjoyment of the residents of adjoining lots. Noise should not be audible to our Neighbours before 7AM and after 9PM. Chopping of Wood and setting up camp is not permitted between 9PM and 8AM on any day.


All activities onsite are to be conducted in accordance with Scouts Aust (Qld Branch) QBSI and Scouts Australia – Queensland Branch, Policy and Rules. Hirers of the facility are to make themselves aware of these rules. For activities requiring cleanup – cleanup is not to occur inside the facilities – cleanup troughs are provided under the fire-stairs to the bunkhouse, adjacent to the campfire area between the two buildings.

Water Use

We may have Water restrictions in force on the Gold Coast. Consequently the use of water is to be kept to a minimum. Showers are restricted to 4 minutes per person. Although we have rainwater tanks installed on the site - Hosing of walkways, showers, driveways and lawns is prohibited unless it is necessary for safety reasons. All onsite activities requiring the use of water are to be kept to an absolute minimum. Rainwater is not fit for drinking but is provided for reticulation and cleaning. Whenever possible, Rainwater is to be used for activities and Town water is to be reserved for drinking and food preparation.


The arrival time is after 3PM but before 7PM. You must arrive in time to be able to setup camp before the Noise curfew time of 9PM. No audible noise is to be heard by our neighbours after 9PM.


The departure time is 3PM unless otherwise agreed. The facility and grounds are to be left in a clean and tidy state. Floors are to be swept and mopped using the equipment provided in the cleaners room. The toilets and showers are to be mopped out and benches and mirrors cleaned. The kitchen is to be cleaned and all equipment packed away. The dishwashers are to be unpacked and the contents stored with the doors of the dishwashers closed but left ajar for airing. Any rubbish is to be bagged and tied and placed in the external bins provided in the enclave adjacent to Stephens Street entry. Any damage, breakage or faulty equipment is to be reported to the Group Leader / Camp Convenor via email to info@bhscouts.com.au



It is the responsibility of the hirer to check with the local fire authority in respect of any fire restrictions in force at the time of hiring the facility and to comply with campfire safety. Campfires are only permitted in the purpose built campfire area and must be contained within the portable campfire ring. All fires must be completely extinguished prior to departure of the campfire area. Wood may be brought to the facility for use in the campfire ring or may be purchased with prior arrangement with the Camp Convenor ($10 per crate). Pit fires or above ground fires are expressly prohibited (NOT PERMITTED) within the grounds without prior approval.

Smoking Policy

As per the QBSI, Policy and Rules, smoking is not permitted within any scout buildings. We have designated a smoking area away from the campsite and activity areas and the eyes of our youth. The smoking area is outside the South Western corner of the Parker Centre adjacent to the Fire escape door. This area has a table and chairs for you to use and a Billy is hanging on the wall in place of an ashtray. All cigarette buts are to remain in the Billy until you empty the contents into the rubbish. The Billy / Ashtray is to be emptied regularly and upon your departure from the campsite.

Fire Emergencies

Our facility is fitted with Fire Alarms. In the case of a Fire Alarm - Emergency procedures are posted at each entry door of the Hall and Bunkhouse and inside each Bunkroom clearly identifying the procedure, exit routes and assembly area. Hirers are to familiarise themselves and their group / guests with these procedures and the location of emergency equipment provided such as fire extinguishers and hoses, Gas shut off valves, Main water supply and Electrical mains switches etc. In the event of Fire or power outages Emergency lighting will illuminate and all Fire Exits are identified by an illuminated “Green” EXIT sign above the Exit Door.

Respect our Neighbours

Our campsite is in a Residential area. This means that special consideration is to be given to how you manage your camp, communicate with members of your group and the activities that you run. Some issues that need to be considered are…


We have a Noise Curfew - 9PM to 7AM is quiet time.

Lights Out

We have a Lights Out policy of 11PM.


We have a Quiet campfire rule after 9PM.


We have a NO Games rule after 8PM. Ball games are to be supervised and special attention is to be given to keeping the balls inside the fence and away from hitting the fences as this makes a lot of noise. Also please keep ball and people out of the garden beds to avoid damage to plants an the water sprinkler system.

BBQ Area

The BBQ area is not a gathering place and the use of the BBQ is to be restricted to the hours of 7AM – 9PM.


Tents are to be erected towards the southhern end of the site near main hall and away from adjoining houses. Ref site plan

Site Map


Noise travels - especially at night. If you need to shout you are too far away from the person you are communicating with – move closer or pass on a message. An emergency is the only acceptable time that shouting might occur.

Penalties For Annoying The Neighbours

If we receive complaints from the Neighbours about Noise, Bad Language or annoying and disrespectful behaviour - Your Group may forfeit the Bond paid for the Camp. So, enjoy yourself but be mindful of our neighbour’s rights to their quiet enjoyment of their home.

Remember, amongst other things a Scout is… Respectful and Considerate.


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