Burleigh Heads Scout


The leaders are responsible for the running of the program your child attends each week. The committee supports the leaders by maintaining the facilities, fundraising, finding new leaders, etc. A well run committeee makes the leaders' jobs much easier!

The essential positions on a committee are: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Additional positions include:

  • Quarter Master - Responsible for the equipment used by the members.
  • Fund Raising Coordinator - Develops and implement fundraising initiatives.
  • Adult Resources - Enlists new leaders.
  • Memberships Facilitator - Enlists youth members through schools and community events.
  • PR, Media and Marketing - Takes care of newsletter and marketing of the group to the community. Also promotes Camp Kallaroo to other community groups and schools.
  • Building & Grounds Keeper - Co-ordinates ongoing maintenance of the buildings through working bees and attend to grounds maintenance.

If you think you could fill any of these roles, contact the chairman at bhscouts.com.au. The more people we have, the less work for everyone!

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Joey Scouts

Joeys are for ages five to eight.


Cubs are for kids from eight to ten years of age.


Scouts are for the older kids - eleven to fifteen years.


Venturer are young adults aged 14.5 to 17.5 years.


Rovers are the oldest group, ranging from 17.5 to 26 years.


Without leaders there would be no scouts!


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