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Joey Scouts is the first section of Scouting and offers fun, friendships and adventure for boys and girls ages 5 to 7.

Joey Scout Mobs meet one a week for one hour under the care and supervision of professionally trained Joey Scout Leaders. Parents and carers are welcome to assist and enjoy Scouting adventures with their Joey Scouts.

Activities include.

  • Learning about the natural and man-made world
  • Playing games
  • Learning how to make things
  • Going on exciting outings
  • Learning about Scouting
  • Participating in sleepovers and camps
  • Learning about bushcraft
  • Performing service to the community

Meeting times

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Joey Scouts

Joeys are for ages five to eight.


Cubs are for kids from eight to ten years of age.


Scouts are for the older kids - eleven to fifteen years.


Venturer are young adults aged 14.5 to 17.5 years.


Rovers are the oldest group, ranging from 17.5 to 26 years.


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