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The Burleigh Heads Scout Group is a formation of the Queensland Branch of Scouting. Please refer to their website for any additional scouting information. Please refer to the following Scouts Qld Information Pack.

Parent Info Pack

Join Burleigh Heads Scout Group

Send email (see Contacts) and arrange for your youth member to attend a trial section night (see Section Details).

Care Monkey

The scout group requires members to sign up to Care Monkey so that this can be linked with the scout membership. Many sporting groups and schools are also using Care Monkey for this purpose and the same profile may be used for each.


Trial: There is no cost or obligation for one trial meeting. A completed F6 form is required.

For fee assistance please check eligibility for Fair Play Voucher


Member registration costs can be found on the Youth Registration A5 Form. Registration cost is split over two payments and will vary according to the time of year as renewals are always due in term one (1/April) and term three (1/Oct). As an indication of the registration fee, for April/2021, the fee is $163.00, changing (pro-rata) to $98 at the end of the registration period. This fee is paid to Qld Branch and includes the member's insurance for that year.


The uniform fee is separate from the registration fee and is normally around $85 including scout shirt, scarf, woggle & badges. Please refer to your section leader for the exact cost and supply of the uniform. The uniform fee is paid to the group who will invoice you for the correct cost. Please advise shirt size to the section leader who will supply the uniform.

Term fees

Ongoing costs include bi-annual registration renewal, paid in term one and term three, and term fees throughout the year. As of 2021 the renewal fee is $78 (term one) and $78 (term three). This is paid, by the group, directly to Scouts Queensland Branch and includes member insurance. There are four terms and an invoice of $100 for each term will be issued to parents to cover this renewal and term fees. These term fees are paid to the Group/Section that the member attends to cover section meeting running costs. Events such as camps or off-site visits may incur an attendance fee for the event which will be advised with notice of the event.

Note that members will stay registered, and insured, as long as registration renewals are paid each year. If the registration renewals are not paid then the member may be de-registered and an intial registration fee may be required to re-join. Term fees that do not include a registration fee (two & four), however, may be waived if a member advises the section/group that the member is unable to attend for the entire term. Note that term one and three fees must be paid on time to stay registered regardless of attendence.


The Burleigh Group is active in fundraising efforts. For certain fundraising effort benefit can flow directly to those scouting families that make significant contributions to the fundraising effort. The benefit offered is in the form of assistance payments for youth members attending major scouting events. Such assitance must be managed according to rules know and accepted by all members. A copy of a current draft of the rules is here. These rules are subject to finalization by the group committe and acceptance according to the rules of the QBSI.


The Forms listed here can be filled in on-line but will not be submitted or saved on-line. They can be filled in and saved/printed (as PDF for emailing), or downloaded and filled out and emailed or printed and brought on attendance.

Youth Membership

First time free no obligation trial. Please contact the section leader to find section meeting times.

F6 Trial Attendance

Full youth membership application.

A5 Youth Registration

Adult Membership

A1 Adult Leader
A60 Adult Youth Program Supporter

Training (on-line)

Note that Adult members must complete mandatory leadership training for Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Child Safe. There are many other training modules including for adventurous activities that are encouraged for section leaders.

Login is to Queensland Branch, using your "Member Number" which will be assigned on registration. Ask your section or Group Leader for your membership number and your initial password which you will reset on first login. Please attend to this training as soon as possible as it is mandatory. Membership can be suspended or cancelled for non completion of these modules.

Blue Cards

Blue Cards are required for attendance at any overnight scouting activities, or to be registered as an adult member. The online application is free as scouting is a not-for-profit organization. They are not a requirement for attendance at events ot the den for the purpose of drop off / pick up of youth members.

Joey Scouts

Joeys are for ages five to eight.


Cubs are for kids from eight to ten years of age.


Scouts are for the older kids - eleven to fifteen years.


Venturer are young adults aged 14.5 to 17.5 years.


Rovers are the oldest group, ranging from 17.5 to 26 years.


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