Burleigh Heads Scout


If you aren't able to join the committee, you can still help support Burleigh Heads Scouts. Leaders always appreciate a bit of extra help, whether it be cleaning up, book work or preparing equipment for camp. Just ask them how you can help!

If you can't give your time, maybe you would like to support us through the donations of money or suitable equipment. Burleigh Heads Scout Group is a non-profit organisation and donations are tax-deductible.

Joey Scouts

Joeys are for ages five to eight.


Cubs are for kids from eight to ten years of age.


Scouts are for the older kids - eleven to fifteen years.


Venturer are young adults aged 14.5 to 17.5 years.


Rovers are the oldest group, ranging from 17.5 to 26 years.


Without leaders there would be no scouts!


Find out how you can join the committee and keep scouts running!


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